Bekijk de volledige versie : forked-daapd to replace mt-daapd to solve itunes 10 problem

05-09-2010, 18:39
If you have recently updated to itunes 10, you have no doubt noticed that the ability to stream your library on the wl-700ge no longer works. I tried updating mt-daapd but I was already current. Apple forums note that the forked-daapd does seem to solve this problem.

My skills at building mips packages are... well... pathetic. Can someone build the forked-daapd to add to the package repository??? Or does someone have a different workable solution to mt-daapd and itunes 10???

Many thanx in advance.


Here's a shocker... apple fixed this in iTunes 10.0.1.

Update #2:

Broken again in iTunes 10.5... damnit!

Update #3:

Fixed in 10.5.1 yay!... and then broken again in 10.5.2 (booo)