Bekijk de volledige versie : Router dead - leds flashing - ALL routers affected?

31-07-2010, 17:38
Several people have reported "dead router" WL-500W with intermittent flashing leds lights and ocasional LAN connections for 1-2 sec and then disconnected again. WAN AIR POWER and LAN flashing.
No firmware restoration possible
No effect on reset
No effect on power off

Asus does not seem to have confirmed the issue but the community has FOR SURE done it for them. So if u got problem i propose u conatact your dealer for a new power supply instead of all the hassle with a new router and upping FW and installing CFG backup.

Does not seem to be a "bad batch problem" since i have had 2 new routers and both PS has failed with 7-8 months in between!

See thread here of alll people who had the exact same problem!
ASUS VIP FORUM THREAD (http://vip.asus.com/forum/view.aspx?id=20090302235711893&SLanguage=en-us&page=4&board_id=11&model=WL-500W)
My case below - 2 times the same issue.

Confirmation 2 times - same problem indication as below:

LAN-ports flashing and then POWER flashing and WAN as well
Local area connection for 1 sec - then off

ROUTER BROKEN? No, Power supply is of poor quality or ampageWhen i meassure it with amp-meter it shortly shows some amps and then goes to 0 Amp.

2009-12 First time i got a totally new router with new PS
2010-07 2nd time I Connected a 5.0V D-link PS and Voila - it is working :-)

Thanks for the support here - would NEVER have guessed it :-)

Cheers to the community peppes and DISCRED to Asus that still 2009 delivers bad PS after all the info in this thread!!!!


01-08-2010, 21:02
No the power supply has a known problem with a specific capacitor.
It has been discussed before, and IF you have a soldering iron it's easy to fix;)

Made a picture myself:

eventually I ended up soldering a elco with the same specs
link: http://www.conrad.nl/goto.php?artikel=421919
but you'd probably be able to buy one near to where you live more easily ;)