Bekijk de volledige versie : aol and wl-500g

06-04-2004, 15:06
ok, here it is, the howto for aol :)

thx to oleg again who is doin all the work in here!

first do all the settings you wish to do

test all things except internet, if all things are working we can do step two

set up your aol account in the router like a normal pppoe connection

username for aol in germany is "yourusername@de.aol.com"

password is your normal aol password

now press apply and finish on the next side and reboot the router

internet is still not working at this point but we are near

now enter http://my.router/Main_AdmStatus_Content.asp with your browser

nvram set 5_x_PPPoEMTU="1400 default-asyncmap debug"
then press Refresh
After that enter
nvram commit
press Refresh
You will need to reboot router (power off/power on) and it should connect in the correct mode. Also in IP config in the MTU field you should see the "1400 default-asyncmap debug" value

now all things including internet are working on the router

but that is not all for aol

you need to change the MTU setting on your local client to 1372 to get your browser working correctly

if you dont know how to set this setting please download "dfü-speed" (http://www.chip.de/downloads/c_downloads_8832957.html)

fill in the fields like shown in the attached jpg and press ok after this, now you need to reboot your pc

after that your mtu on local pc is set to 1372 and the problems with aol should be solved

hope i could help some of you

if something is unclear please ask

06-04-2004, 15:34
direct download here: DFUE-SpeedV2-2.zip