Bekijk de volledige versie : Need a help with "cron+telnet" script for WL700GE

21-03-2010, 16:18
Hello everyone,

I have a task but since I'm very stupid in linux programming, could you help me, please?

So, I have ADSL connection. My WL-700GE is connected directly to ADSL-modem as a simple router.

The ADSL-provider is not good, that's why I have frequent (1-2 times a day disconnections and my DLINK modem can't reconnect automatically), so I have to connect to it via telnet(or WEB-interface) and reboot it manually.

I have an idea - to use WL-700 cron to create a task which can ping google.com and IF no response from the site then run a script on WL-700ge which connects to ADSL-modem (via telnet) and reboots it.

wl700ge has been already installed alternative firmware(i'm not sure which of them)

Is it possible task for *nix placed in WL-700ge?

If so, could you give please write such scripts for me?
I see that there is three tasks:
1) install cron task
2) grep ping result
3) run a "ADSL-modem reboot" script.

I will be very appreciated to be given any links/docs/advices etc.

With regards,

03-04-2010, 18:13
I have no idea how you would tell the D-Link to reboot.
How about this approach: why does your modem not restore the connection automatically? Are you sure you've configured it correctly for your provider?