Bekijk de volledige versie : ftp server and subdirectory

10-05-2005, 18:30
i made a ftp server with a CF card and usb adaptater
all is ok by ie but the problem is as i use soft to
make backup with sudirectories...........
it is impossible to create subdirectory with the softs
or i can t rename any sub directory !!!!
the first directory is "renable" as i want !!!! but nothing
for any subdirectory !!!
please help me :)

11-05-2005, 09:32
PLEASE help ..........
need to by sure before i buy a usb HDD
to make my backup (if it is a CF pb)

do yours FTP servers work perfectly ???!!


11-05-2005, 09:42
biglio, your posts are very difficult to read and understand. Please think a bit longer about the actual text before posting please.

I think you ask if any subdirectories are read/writeable when you use a CF card? Yes, that is the case, all settings for a parent directory also apply to its subdirectories. The default ftp server used by Asus isn't the best ftp server, but you can also decide to use an alternative ftp server (vsftpd). You can install vsftpd as an ipkg package when you upgrade the firmware of the router to the custom firmware from Oleg: CR5 (see firmware releases).

11-05-2005, 10:51
The problem he is having (as far as I can read) is that when he tries to upload an entire directory structure, the directories are not created, and the ftp server places all the files in the default directory.

This is a known problem with the stupid-ftpd server, instead you should try to use the vsftpd server.

Try to take a look at my guides for info on how to install it.


12-05-2005, 08:58
thanks a lot for your answers !!!!!!!
sorry but i m french and ...i think that my english is not good enough !!!! :(

but you understood my pb !!!! i can t make subdirectory !!!.....i saw that
it is a ftp known pb !!!!

i look at the routine to make a vsftp ............whaouuuuu ......
i never use unix .........i am under winXP.........
how can i enter these lines i saw on the macast guide ????
is that with the prog given with the asus routeur ????

sorry but i am really newbie :( !!!!!!

thanks a lot

12-05-2005, 10:41
Ok, no problem.

1) Install Oleg's latest firmware ( CR5). Consult your manual and: http://wl500g.info/showthread.php?t=1329

2) Download Putty (search with Google to find it). This is a telnet client which 3) you need to execute the nessesary commands listed in mascat' guide.

12-05-2005, 13:24
i ve downloaded all..........
how putty is working ...i mean ......only the way i can enter command line
.....the "first" configuration to let me use it !!!
and at last ....
after all, i can use my usb HDD like a ftp server ??? but really working ???
just have to use a simple ftp soft to acces my HDD and make bachup ???

thanks a lot !!!!

12-05-2005, 14:59

For putty usage, take a look at the screenshots in my PHP Webserver guide.

12-05-2005, 22:47
i put the last oleg firmware ...the rc5a
it says tha it make the ftp server with sub directory working ......
i test it but ...........it is not working !!!!
what have i to do to make it workin g???
use telnet to put macast lines ?????

i am a bit bowring i know ....

12-05-2005, 23:09
:confused: has i start to type "ipkg install xinetd"
it says -sh ipkg not found

if i refer to http://www.macsat.com/wlguide/web_php_ssh_guide.php
i tried to type "mkdir /opt/tmp" but it says read only !!!!

this is not a langage i know ............ :( :(