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10-05-2005, 12:19
I upgraded the firmware on my WL300g from 1.6 to, downloaded from the ASUS support page. Now I can connect to the internet but cannot retrieve pop mail or webmail and cannot ping through the AP. When I plug an ethernet cable directly into my router/modem there is no problem. Looks like the WL300g is blocking some ports.

Some more details:
The WL300g is running in AP only mode, and connected to the eth1 of a Linux box with dhcp server for subnet 192.168.1.*. The eth0 of the Linux box is connected to the modem on subnet 10.0.0.*. Shorewall runs on the Linux box and does not seem to be dropping any packets. Everything was fine with firmware 1.6, accept the connection wasn't very solid; I tried downgrading but that doesn't improve anything.

Suggestions anybody?

10-05-2005, 14:03
did you reset the wl300g to defaults first?

see also http://wl500g.info/faq.php?faq=asus_wl_x#faq_upgradedv1800

19-05-2005, 13:03
Yes, I did reset to defaults directly after uploading the firmware and restart.

I just read the info at the link you gave me, I'll try logging in at the hidden administrator page when I'm home.

Thanks for your reply, Antiloop!

19-05-2005, 13:06
Yes, I did reset to defaults directly after uploading the firmware and restart.
ok should work then, try a newer firmware please

beta (asus)

custom (by oleg)

19-05-2005, 13:13
OK I'll try the beta

20-05-2005, 17:33
After upgrading everything stayed the same. I tested a bit more and found out my shorewall configuration was broken after all. Everything is working fine now. Sorry to have bothered you :(