Bekijk de volledige versie : Asus WL500g CAIWAY

23-02-2010, 14:45
Please help me - I am a foreigner living in the NL.

what should I do to get via my router to Caiwai?

I can go to Caiway directly from my computer (Vista) using as fixed IP, but if I use PPPoE on Asus it doues not connect. If I use fixed IP on Assus it appears to connect but I cant get to internet and i can't even ping.

25-02-2010, 23:10
I'm not familiar with caiwai so I don't know what kinda modem it is etc.

You say that you use a static IP when your pc is connected.
As far as I understand the modems website is on something like

so if you do a static ip on the asus you need to change the LAN ip as well.
On the router you have a WAN ip, the ip connecting to the modem. (like
The lan IP has to be in a different subnet, preferably 1 higher than the modem, something like

when you change the lan ip in "ip config" -> "wan & lan" under "lan ip settings" in the webadmin it will ask you to change the DHCP ip automatically as well, just click ok:)

BTW, are you sure it's a PPPoE connection and not just a auto dhcp?
most connections in the netherlands are auto dhcp as far as I know:)

02-03-2010, 15:38
most cable connections are using DHCP, caiway is for me unknown as well :)

have you turned off your cable modem first, before connecting the Asus Router? or for at least 5 minutes..