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04-05-2005, 16:39
Hello there folks,

Getting more and more experienced with this nice router - but one problem I cant get passed is NYLON.

Nylon which is now in the wiki pages and unslung packages will not listen properly on my router. - I managed to make it not complain about a hostname via setting a direct hostname to eth1. (it asked for it).

But now all it does it to listen - but not do anything else.

[admin@dhcppc0 root]$ nylon -f
nylon: Listening on WL500GDeluxe:socks

But nothing happens when I try with either IE or Sockscap or FTP client - it doesnt give any responds - I tried both its native and the ip the router gets from my cable modem But it doesnt make a responds - why is this ???

Hope someone can help.

Other specs.

Using firmware

04-05-2005, 18:57
Did you try editing the template conf file and calling nylon with it ?
Did you try 'nylon -h' ?

04-05-2005, 20:08
Tried -h yeah, but that isnt much help - which conf should i be editing in ? - the only thing i did was to install it via ipkg - and there is no help to get while installing it.... can you elaborate?


04-05-2005, 20:29
ipkg'ing nylon creates a sample conf file in /opt/etc/nylon.conf
You may have to edit this file to suit your needs and then run 'nylon -c /opt/etc/<your.conf.file>'

This is the easiest way ( I think ) to run nylon

The Wiki page (http://wiki.wl500g.info/index.php/PackageNylon) also propose a sample conf file (don't trust the path, page has been written before ipkg was created).

ipkg files nylon shows you all the installed files and their location for nylon ipkg. You should see that /opt/etc/nylon.conf has been installed (I hope).


05-05-2005, 15:34
Yeah great - got it working now - it was the allow range that was givin me a hard time - But one thing is still missing - when i do -f i would like to see the actual connections beeing made - but it reports nothing.

How can this be done?