Bekijk de volledige versie : WLAN Streaming Client (Noxon) Security

04-05-2005, 15:21
Hi guys,

I intend to buy a terratec noxon streaming client with my 500g to receive internet radio.
This should work without my PCs being switched on, according to noxon features.
But in case I have both the noxon and one of my PCs online, I am worried about the noxon only supporting WEP encryption.
Is it sufficient to use WEP & ACL (MAC id) & hidden SSID and have a decent level of network security ? Or is there some way to configure 500g to have my two PCs protected (both have personell firewalls), even when the noxon is online ? Or am I just paranoid ?

Thanks for help & comments !

04-05-2005, 22:50
Short answer: Yes you're being paranoid. :)

With your setup your system can be exploited if someone with extended computer skills can pickup on your radio waves. What they can do is to listen to traffic (they will need to crack your wep password) and get internet access through your account (mac spoofing). With a personal fw you should be safe that they won't be hacking into your computer, but you might consider using ssh and https for router access instead of telnet and regular http to protect you router password if your really paranoid.

What you should consider is the chanses of anyone really doing this. If you live in an apartement building there might be a chance that your neighbour is a crook, but if your worried about drive-by they will most likely move on to the next building where the network is wide open..

I suggest you read up on what it takes break into a wep protected network, and then do a risk assesment if this can happen to you.


05-05-2005, 03:13
Shorter Answer: WEP is very insecure and has several flaws; it's probably adequate enough, but I wouldn't say that only a crook would be able to connect to or spy on your network. It's extremely easy for the government to crack such encryption and monitor communication and almost just as easy for anyone else to, and it's getting to the point where you don't even need to be much of a hacker...

ACLs, of course, don't stop snooping and barely prevent a "hacker" from connecting (MAC address spoofers aren't hard to find). Someone would only need the right software (perhaps they got it from a friend) and the right kind of wireless card to do this stuff (cracking is not so hard with WEP), so it could potentially even be a newbie exploiting your WEP security.

You're being paranoid, but with reason. Power users might not tolerate WEP, but for practical purposes it should be all right, and barsju's point stands that it's unlikely you'll be exploited in any way (again, unless you live in a big city or something where people just snoop for networks in their cars).