Bekijk de volledige versie : ASUS WL-500b/g and atheros?

03-02-2010, 18:52

I've been using an ASUS WL-500b in which I removed the original miniPCI Broadcom card and installed an Atheros 802.11g card. I'm using it with DD-wrt, but from time to time the WAN port freezes and also I don't like the DD-wrt very much. So I'd like to install Oleg's firmware there, but I'm not sure if it supports atheros 54M modules out-of-the-box (or with some SLIGHT modifications). I've searched the forum but didn't find any answer to this question, except some information that using atheros module is possible with OpenWRT etc., which I know but don't want to spend much time with messing with the installation and possible problems etc, so it would be great if Oleg's firmware supported atheros modules by only installing the necessary driver packages or something like that. Thanks in advance for any answers.