Bekijk de volledige versie : Airport Extreme AP, WL-HDD as network drive problems

02-05-2005, 15:51
Great forum, thanks for all the info. Yep, I'm a switcher...

I can't configure my WL-HDD to connect to my Airport Extreme as a network drive. I can see it on my PB's Airport, I can connect to the HDD wirelessly directly, I just can't hit the drive from my wireless network through an IP address or via FTP.

I've tried every possible configuration I can think of; AP, WDS, Hybrid, MAC address, etc.

The Extreme is running on Ch 11 and is set up as DHCP. I've tried disabling DHCP on the HDD. No go.

Any ideas? Anyone else have any luck?

Muchos gracias,


03-05-2005, 18:32
I can setup ftp to my WL-HDD so that it shows up on my "finder" window in OS X. But when I try to drag a file over to the IP link (in this case the HDD is, OS X tells me that "the file cannot be moved because " cannot be modified".

Are there permissions I need to set?

Sorry to sound so stupid but this is new ground for me.

Thanks for the help.


04-05-2005, 08:36
don't know how much i can help you i don't have a mac. but i connect to mine fine with linux using smbfs. shouldn't be that different with OSX i think.

did you check your IP address and route settings for the WLHDD - i assume it's getting them correctly from the DHCP?
also, did you format the drive with the disk tool on the wlhdd?

also, if you're using WEP to make sure your keys are correct.

04-05-2005, 21:25
Appreciate the help.