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28-04-2005, 10:54

I have a Zoom 5551 X4 ADSL modem with IP and the WL-500g router with IP I can connect to the internet if I connect the modem to one of the LAN ports of the router, but this is not what I want!

I need to connect the modem to the WAN port of the router but when I do this, the modem say that it's connected but no trafic passes from the router to the modem! The modem NAT is off and the router NAT is also off!

One thing that i've forget to mention is that the Zoom 5551 X4 is a modem/router! I'm not a network guy and I don't know what to do to make them comunicate but I believe that I need to add something in the router so that the packets outside the lan will be sent to the modem.

I'm out of soluctions on this.

If someone could put some detailed info.


29-04-2005, 19:43

I've managed to put this working at last. I was using the WL-500g as Home Gateway instead of Access Point :o .

Now I only need to configure the web server and samba. Let's see if I can manage on my own.


30-04-2005, 16:47
Hello again.

I have now almost everything working :D , FTP server, HTTP server and SAMBA all running fine. The only problem now is the access to the web server from the WAN side. I can't find a way to put the Zoom ADSL modem/router passing the packets sent to port 81 to the Asus router!

I have in the modem a virtual server where the trafic from port 81 should go to the IP of the router but this doesn't work. I also have the router IP in the DMZ of the modem, but still nothing!

In the virtual server of the modem I have the eMule ports sent to the IP of a desktop computer and it works, why with the WL router this doesn't work?


06-09-2005, 13:35
Hi roque69, i've the same problem.

I've a modem D-link 300T that has a webserver for config (type of dsl, username password and some utility like dhcp server...).

I can't connect the modem at the WL500g WAN port, but only at the LAN Port.

No problem, but the NAT Firewall???
The traffic bypass the router...

And if i set the WL500g as router, i lost the NAT functions!

How do you solved this problem?