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27-04-2005, 11:20
Hi, first post here (be gentle

Am seriously thinking of getting one of these. Want it specifically for its wireless audio ability. Want to be able to play audio from my wireless laptop over my sound system in my bedroom (whilst browsing the net wirelessly!).

My speakers are ordinary non-usb ones (but are rather nice so i don't want to replace them), and i've found a "usb to audio" (mic jack) dongle for 10 online.

This seems to be the place to ask the question - what are my chances of this working?

I looked through the "compatible hardware" forum here, but there's no audio section. What audio hardware can people confirm works?

Also - people seem to be having luck with USB hubs or so i read - does the audio work via a hub connected to this router? (so i could share a printer too...)

Are there any resources for the audio side of this router - asus' website is prettu poor on this point.

Thanks for any help!

27-04-2005, 20:00
Well, I believe chances to get a fairly priced USB->sound stick to work are reasonable big, as long as it's a simple device.
The commly used hardware for these small devices are C-media chips.
I think asus does maintain a list of compatible audio hardware though.

To use usb hubs, you might need a firmware upgrade (asus or custom).
You definately need it to use audio.
I've seen hardware which failed on old firmware, but works in my configuration.

I have a USB hub, with a 15 euro brandless soundstick, a multi memory reader with 2 type of cards in it (simultaniously), and a printer. (2 printers to be honest, but the other is parallel)

I think audio won't be used by most people that much (but I think it will be if it can be easily used for online telephony/VoIP/SIP)

27-04-2005, 23:51
Asus' speaker/audio compatibility list isn't there any more (the link is dead). I don't suppose anyone has a copy downloaded...?

Thanks for the advice. I've been looking through this forum a bit. Re firmware; does it follow that the most recent version is the best/most stable? Or is there one particular version that everyone is using for some reason?

How does one find out what firmware version contains what benefits (daft quesiton perhaps?); is it install and see?

Thanks for the help.