Bekijk de volledige versie : telnet my.router

25-04-2005, 16:14
Dear List,

I have a problem with my WL500 router which is not relevant at the moment. I was very kindly told by a knowlegeable person to telnet to my router for the iptables. However, it seems that I need to flash costum firmware in order to be able to do that. (I have upgraded to, but then downgraded back to

Can anyone tell me please what exactly I have to do?

Many thanks,


25-04-2005, 16:24
you will have to flash custom firmware to get telnet access. telnet is automatic once you have flashed it.
On the other side, you will have to save your change to firewall using post-firewall script to get your settings after a power off.
If you just need to enter a quick command, you can try the hidden admin page (read the howto for this) but you will have to type your command precisely with limited feedback, hit refresh, and all change will be lost after reboot.