Bekijk de volledige versie : cant connect wirelessly

24-04-2005, 18:06
hi all, i only have 2 pcs, one connected via cable and the other using a pcmcia card through my laptop.

im typing to you now via my desktop pc, so that works fine, but my laptop just wont connect to my router.

i have tried basic setup..
1) my location (being gmt)
2) Cable Modem or other connection type that gets IP automatically
3) just click next as isp doesnt require information
4) click next to get ip and dns auto
5) ssid = default with no security level
6) save & restart

both pcs are running windows xp pro with service pack 2
my firmware is the wg01090207_WL500g_EN.trx (

so my main pc is ok, dvice discovery, admin panel etc works fine, but my laptop when searching for netwroks in range finds the netwrok occasionally, although even then when i click connect, it takes ages and then says no networks in range.

i really dont know what steps to take next, can somebody please help me

thank you