Bekijk de volledige versie : No wireless on wl-500b whit new firmware

20-04-2005, 08:46
I've installed on my wl-500b(v2) the latest version of the Oleg's custom firmware and i think it is very useful and interesting, i don't want to change it. The single (big) problem i have is that i can't find the wireless network from my two notebooks (all two whit wlan b-type 11mbps).
I set my wlan whit open system or shared key and whitout wep encryption, i disabled the hiding of SSID etc... the only one setting i don't understand is the fragmentation threshold & C, but i don't think the problem is there.
This is the status log of the wireless interface:

Mode : AP Only
Channel : 11

Stations List

I thank you all, Giuseppe.

20-04-2005, 08:53
so you flashed the wrong firmware appearantly

is your unit really a wl500bv2 version or is it a wl500b version ?

20-04-2005, 09:15
I will try whit the other firmware...
When i've downladed this firmware i've downloaded the two version, but the only one working was the wl-500bv2.... my router says it was an error when i try to upgrade to wl-500b.
Thanks, Giuseppe.

20-04-2005, 09:30
it seems as your wireless does not work you are using the wrong version..

flash WL500b using firmware restoration (consult manual or search)