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19-04-2005, 06:50
Hi all!

I have set up my WL-500g (which is btw. the best personal router on earth, but you all already know) as a switch in a pre-routed network. That means, I already have a router (SMC) which is connected to my DSL modem using the IP - the standard. Now I bought the ASUS ( set it up being a DHCP server, which is working absolutely fine - using the SMC router as the gateway. But now the problem: Anytime I want to PING an external (Internet) server (www.ebay.com) I get "Unknown host". I thought it might be an DNS server issue, but then again I set up T-Online DNS server in the setup of the ASUS (not using the SMC as DNS or such).

The problem is that also DDNS is not working (not updating my IP on DynDNS) because of this issue (I think) - and "ipkg" isn't working as well... ;(

I have to admit I'm a bit newbie to Linux / Unix and also networking as whole, so please, if you have an answer don't hesitate to write me... :p

Many thanks,

19-04-2005, 23:30
After excessive reading various linux networking manuals and asking a lot of friends I found the solution to my problem which may seem tiny and unimportant to most users on this board: I had to add a route, via:

route add default gw

Using this additional setting seems to work for me - not knowing though if this is opening a big hole in my network security (especially my ASUS router). I hope not. If there is another newbie like me with the same problem, I hope I could help him or her.

Thanks for reading.

20-04-2005, 09:57
Well, why don't you specify this on the IP settings page (Default Gateway)?

21-04-2005, 19:40
Yeah, I thought of that too, but entering: (IP) (NETMASK) (GATEWAY)

under IP / Route / Static route. Nothing happend... :/
So I thought that this could not be the problem, blame me being a network-n00b. ;)