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01-11-2009, 11:03
Hi, All!

My PC is connected to Ethernet directly now. I've got true 100Mbit/s connection to Internet. I often download torrents at the speed 9-10 MByte/s. I heard some reports that because of the weak hardware WL500g and WL500W are not capable to operate at such a high speed. I don't plan to use WL500W as torrent client, but router only. It's task is to route Internet and Intranet traffic at the speed 100Mb with no latancy and no packet losts. Including Wi-Fi!

1) Any experience?
2) Do I need WL500W or RT-N13 would be enough in my case?

Всем привет!

Я подключен к Инету по реальным 100 мегабитам. Т.е. торренты часто льются на 9-10 метров в секунду Я слышал, что WL-ки имеют проблемы на таких скоростях из-за слабости железа. Что они виснут, теряют пакеты и т.д. Хочу так же отметить, что не планирую использовать WL в качестве торрент-клиента. Единственная его задача - рутить 100 Мб между Интернетом, локальными проводными портами и, ГЛАВНОЕ(!), Wi-Fi устройствами без задержек и потерь.

1) Есть опыт такого использования?
2) А может, мне не нужна WL, а достаточно будет RT-N13 того же?

01-11-2009, 15:35
well, you just pointed out yourself that the wl-500w IS capable of 100Mbit/s speeds:p

you see, the internet speeds are usually expressed in megabits per second.
to create 1 byte, you need 8 bits, something you probably know.

so 100megabits per second LAN can theoretically give you 12,5megaBYTE per second.

9 to 10 megabytes per second is not very far away from that speed;)
If you have a gigabit modem, you may upgrade to some router with a gigabit WAN and LAN, to juice out those extra 2 megabytes per second if the optic fiber line is capable of getting you there;)

So my guess is that a WL-500W is good enough for you at the moment, unless you really want more or when your line is upgraded to a faster speed;)

01-11-2009, 16:40
well, you just pointed out yourself that the wl-500w IS capable of 100Mbit/s speeds:p

Well, THEY pointed out that wl-500w is capable to do 100MBit/s. :p If I'am interested in the manufacturer's specs, then I read the manual. But I need the practice. According the specs, WL-500w feets my requirements, sure. But what about the real life?

I've got two 100Mbit/s Ethernet connections from two different ISPs. And I want to be sure, that I will not loose any B/s if I switch to WL-500W or another device. It's a good intension, I believe ;)