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L.J. Mersie
18-04-2005, 17:46
Can somebody help me to make a secure internet connection. Now I have an open connection which is dangerous. How to install/configure WPA or WPA2 for my wlan?

19-04-2005, 15:44
I don't have the router at hand right now and I actually use WEP for now, but this usually works like this: You connect to and log in into the web interface, search for wireless-related settings and choose the desired security method, configure it (passwords, keys whatever). The you use the WLAN settings of your WLAN card on your computer and choose the same kind of security as well as the same configuration that you've used on your router.

Additionally you can make sure that the router only gives IP addresses to known MAC addresses, or that the WLAN settings are so set, so that only MACs from a list are allowed to connect to the router and so on.