Bekijk de volledige versie : Rel Audio and UDP?

01-04-2004, 19:24
Hi everybody.

I have been playing with the settings of the NAT page and have tried to add the Real Audio to the Trigger ports of this section with the default values that come in the selection list. The problem is that I cannot get it to work in UDP mode, all the connections are been TCP when behind the router. I am needing some help here because UDP works much better.

I have some small questions also that sure you know, I have searched for the answers in the forum without success:

1. I have owned a SMC barricade before the Asus and it had a setting to enable the firewall. When enabled it stealthed all ports and activated the SPI firewall. The Asus is different, it seems that the firewall is enabled at all times and the ports are sthealth always right? And that you don't need to do anything in the FW page if you don't need an special rule (which I don't need at the momment). Suposse that you like to turn off the firewall completely, do you have to make a rule that let all the traffic pass though? I don't have this very clear. It should have been easyer IMO that the router had an ON / OFF firewall switch.

2. When working with ports and port ranges in the Barricade you could add ports (for anything) using commas and dashes (f.e. TCP 6881-6899 5050, 6850 for bittorrent) but in the Asus I don't find a way to add different ports separated by commas when in the Virtual Server screen, I can use 6881:6899 for the range, but is there a way to add more items in the same line, or I need to make a different rule for every different port if they are not in a range (like 5050, 6850)?

Thanks a lot folks, I am still learning how this router works.