Bekijk de volledige versie : TwonkyVision + Asus WL-HDD

17-04-2005, 22:53
Hard-/Software: Terratec Noxon, Asus WL-HDD, TwonkyVision

With the help of Walt's document "Samba with German-Umlaut & UPnP-Server" (27-02-2005) I managed to get TwonkyVision running on the Asus WL-HDD 'standalone' (without a PC running).

I'm still using the Trial version of TwonkyVision (lasts 10 minutes). I'm just about to purchase the full version, but one thing keeps on bothering me. When TwonkyVision is running (regardless whether files are being played at the moment or not), I cannot access the WL-HDD anymore through the Windows Explorer.

I first have to go to the 'settings' of the WL-HDD and get the "initial script" 'blank' and restart. After that I can get to the files through Windows again.

I'm sure the WL-HDD can 'share'. Question is 'how'.

I 'had to' follow the procedure of Walt in the fist place because the (what seems) much simpler method on the TwonkyVision-internet-site includes a command that needs to be entered through the 'backdoor':

chmod a+x /tmp/harddisk/part1/mediaserver /tmp/harddisk/part1/init.sh

But the 'backdoor' wouldn't even let me enter this 'long' command.
Also the files from Walt are already good to use without any amendment.
I wouldn't even know how to create files like that (syntax-wise). The TwonkyVision-internet-site calls it "Windows Shares" or "Anonymous ftp". I have no clue how to create that syntax.

Did anyone have similar issues and how were they solved?
Looking forward to your thoughts.

So, in summary:
- When TwonkyVision runs, the WL-HDD is not accessible through Windows Explorer. Is there a way around that?
- The setup-suggestion on the TwonkyVision-internet-site has a too long command to be entered through the 'backdoor'.
- How to create these (seems like easy) files anyway?