Bekijk de volledige versie : No HD access over wireless

17-04-2005, 13:10
(Apologies if this has been dealt within before, I did search.)

This is strange. I have a wireless enabled laptop, a DSL router, and the WL-HDD. When I connect my WL-HDD to my laptop with a cable, it works perfectly as an external hard drive. I can see and use the partitions. When I connect it to my router, it works perfectly as a wireless Access Point. The WiFi is set up correctly for my laptop.

But I cannot access the the hard drive via WiFi! I get the error message: "Cannot find 'file://WL-HDD/'. Make sure the path or Internet address is correct." This occurs even if I have my firewall turned off.

I feel I must be missing something very obvious, but I can find nothing in the manual and I feel at this point that I've tried changing every setting. Right now though they're back at the factory defaults, except that I've created a User. Firmware version 1.2.3, Windows XP Sp2.

30-04-2005, 13:17
It was indeed something really obvious...

If it helps anyone else, Client for Microsoft Networks needs to be enabled on the wireless connection.