Bekijk de volledige versie : How stable is FTP?

17-04-2005, 11:21

This is my first port to this forum. I had been trying to setup a FTP service for the last couple months without any success. I want to setup a FTP service to transfer app. 300 mb files from my office back to my home everyday. I tried almost all the firmwares that available in this forum. I tried different USB disks/chipsets (GL811E, CY7C68300A and CS8818). In most of the time, the transfer will drop after transferred for 100 mb and eventually it hangs (I tried CoreFTP, Filezilla, ScriptFTP).

The only thing that I did not try is using one of the ASUS suggested chipset (GL811E, ISD300A1 and D720130GC) because they are difficult to find locally.
I would like to hear some "successfully" stories and the setup (firmware, chipsets, hard disk etc.) that you are using.

This will be my last hope before I will purchase one of those NAS devices :( and forget about setting up the FTP for my WL500g.

Thanks for any information.