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16-04-2005, 14:06
Hi there,

i have serious problems connection my brandnew WL500G Deluxe with my CableModem (Austrian provider called CHELLO).

The modem will only work with the MacAdress from my PC, so i have filled this settings in the Router but i cant obtain an IP Adress from the ISP. This is pretty strange because my old LevelOne Router will work just fine.

The WAN Led is flashing all the time, so there should be a communication with the modem.
Firmware Version is

Hope anybody knows a solution, otherwise i have to check the router from my dealer.

Sorry for the posting, found the solution in this thread:


Thx guys, this forum is great.

16-04-2005, 15:11
Please post a link to the post in the other thread which contained the answer. This way this can be benificial to others too. Thanks.