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15-04-2005, 19:52
I have WLHDD in a network of several PC's all runninw WinXp. It is used as a small file server and Wlan bridge. Firmware is I have noticed occasional restarts (which are easy to detect, as the start-up script does not run automatically, so I cannot access shared folders). Also, I can make it restart if there's a lot of data transfer. For example, I have tried to back-up the HD on the DVD - several retries result in the same error: After certain amount of data is transferred, Backup software (Nero) reports loss of connection with the remote computer. In normal operation (occasional file access etc.) it can run for days... Any ideas about it?

- Deni

17-06-2005, 18:20
I have just the same problem it seems. I use the WLHDD for scheduled backups, but sometimes in the middle of these it will disappear from my network. The backup software will say it cannot find the path to it, and it no longer appears under My Network Places. The only thing I can do to get it back is to reboot the device.

This does appear to happen in the middle of big writes, so if I've made large changes to my drive the backup will fail. Sometimes this will corrupt the backup and I'll have to erase and redo the whole thing. On one occasion it refused to write to the disk, and I had to reformat the partition!

I tried rolling the driver back to but it made no difference.

I do these backups over WiFi. The connection does not appear to be broken however, so the problem does appear to be internal to the WLHDD.

18-06-2005, 14:17
Hi :-)

I got a strange problem too ... sometime my wlhdd (FW V1.2.3.4) is set to default settings ... but no reason found :-( ... sometime after reboot its set to defaults :-( ...


p.s.: but all only small problems ... I don't want to miss my wlhdd anymore :-)

27-06-2005, 16:38
I ran my WL-HDD several days with the original Firmware.
After copying huge files (or masses) the box stalled.

After flashing the newest oleg firmware I had no problems.

If the problem also exists i will post an update.

I will test it today :D

30-06-2005, 12:13
the problem persists with theŽ.

Copying huge data produces a disconnect with
vsftp and smbd


Someone same problems?

Edit: my box doesen't restart. e.g. a telnet session continous while the filetransfer stalls...