Bekijk de volledige versie : Turning OFF a WLAN/ROUTER/DSL connection

15-04-2005, 14:58
is there any (software) way to do this?

previously, when just connected by DSL modem and a RASPPOE connection thru dial-up, one had that
little 2-computer icon in the taskbar, with which one could force the connection to be canceled.

and then reopened again. in and out, at ones will and speed.

in some locations this makes sense, might even be neccessary.

now with my new setup, WLAN (or ETHERNET cable) into WL-500g into DSL modem, there is not such simple way. have i overlooked something? is there any third-party software that might do it? any other suggestions? short of shutting the computer down? and taking the cables out?

greetings - heinz -