Bekijk de volledige versie : Problem getting a PC to connect but the Macs are fine?

14-04-2005, 13:17
HI all,
I've got a problem. Actually I've got a few but this isn't the time or place.
My relevant problem is this:
I have set up a home network with an ASUS WLAN Router (Model WL-500g).
Now the network is up and running fine using an iMac as a server and sharing an internet connection. I can access the drives and the broadband connection with a couple of Mac laptops but i am having a great deal of trouble connecting my little PC laptop.

Now before we go any further - it's not a compatibility problem.
When I first bought the Router I connected the PC laptop and printed some files and stuff - no problems. Then I went overseas and connected via a peer to peer connection to my other laptop (wirelessly) and swapped files no worries. On the way back i bought a pre-paid card in the airport to connect to the wifi hotspot and had all sorts of dramas connecting. I messed around for ages and finally got on. When I got back home I couldn't connect to my Router or the other computers. It makes me think I've changed something fundemental or something.
I have an Apple airport express which I can connect to no problems (with the Windows PC?!) and send music to my stereo. The strange thing is i connected the Airport express to the WL-500g and now i can get on the net via that - but i can't connect directly to the Router.
I also setup a printer which is connected via the printer port (a HP laserjet 4V) and I can't get any of the computers to print to it. I followed the steps as found in this forum; setting up LPRServer via IP printing, but to no avail. When I plug the PC in via ethernet i can print to it though?!
Hope that's enough info. And I'd really appreciate any help.