Bekijk de volledige versie : How to separate LAN & WLAN

11-04-2005, 13:18
Hi All,
A recent coversation with Antiloop persuaded me to upgrade from to ( fantastic work yet again by OLEG )

I have one issue, I see that the LAN & WLAN are now bridged br0 before I had LAN br0 and WLAN br1 so effectively two subnets.

Can I ( and if so how ) get back to having separate subnets for the LAN and WLAN? I dont see that ability in the GUI so I guess it woud be CLI, now if I assigned different ip's to eth0 LAN and eth2 WLAN, and created the MASQ rules.........would that be enough to give me what I want? I dont want to take the router down for too long as I need it to access work so I am looking to get information before I try anything.

WHy do I want to do this, for addition security, I do have it pretty well tied up at the moment but would like to LANs to be separate.

Thanks In Advance for any replies.