Bekijk de volledige versie : How to setup VPN at WL-500g under Windows XP Pro?

29-03-2004, 15:07
I want to setup VPN between work and home. I run Windows XP Pro in both places. I have installed the latest firmware at the WL-500g at work, and set it up as "Home gateway". It connects through an Ericsson modem to ADSL, that I have set in bridged mode so that it only acts as a modem. I have signed up for DDNS for the server at work that I want to reach from home (so that it should be reacheable at the address like "server.no-ip.info"), and also setup this server/computer with a static IP. Is there any "easy to understand recipe" that explains what settings to do where ? How to set the right parameters for the port forwarding in the WL-500g, which ports to open / use etc ? I've read through the other VPN posts here - without finding all the answers. Best regards - from network novice.