Bekijk de volledige versie : DNS Server not found

24-09-2009, 13:06
Hi there,

just got my WL500W and put in MAC-Adress, IP, Gateway, DNS Servers, etc...

Now I can connect to the LAN via Wifi or LAN-cable but the Internet-connection fails. Windows7 says the DNS-Server is not answering...
The router status says everything is connected...
With my old Netgear router everything works just fine!

Can anybody help me, please!?


24-09-2009, 20:21
quite a little information here:rolleyes:

how do you connect to your modem? dhcp client?
do you use DHCP on your lan?

can you post a screenshot from the detail screen from the status of your LAN connection on the win7 pc?

24-09-2009, 23:45
thanks for the response! problem is solved now!

i spent quite some time today finding out, the dns in the wan are somehow irrelevant, i need to put the dns-server adress i want to use in the dhcp-entry - don't ask me why.. but now it works...

lucky a friend of mine supported me :-) otherwise i'd still be sitting and trying