Bekijk de volledige versie : Asus WL-530g

09-04-2005, 14:59
I noticed a new Asus router : a very compact WL-530 router. Now I wonder if it's based on a similar MIPS/Linux platform. If so, it would be easy to customize just like the WL-500 models :)

Anybody who got his hands on one of these?

13-02-2006, 17:45
Hi guys,

i have a wl530g and since a month ago it started randomly resetting by itself! its quite anoing as long as i work from home and i need a non stop connection!

i tried all the firmwares available but just no result, same thing happens, sometimes for 6 hrs in a row without any reset, sometimes each 10 min or so!

pls help1



21-05-2006, 16:23
My 500g died this week and I wonder if the cheeper 530g is a worthy replacement? I never used the USB and printer ports of my 500g and would not miss them. What I need are at least 3 LAN ports, port forwarding (etc.), dyndns support. Any thoughts?

26-10-2006, 01:28
hi there,

everytime i put encryption on my wl-530g every now and then, once an hour or so, it resets itself, with message "dhcp client: deconfig: lease is lost"

when no encription used, everythink is just fine.

any idea how i could fix that?!



20-01-2007, 22:39
Hi all,

I have a problem with virtual server feature for WL-530g, and still no reply from Asus, so I wish to know if someone have the same problem, maybe is there any tip, or happens also for all WL-500 series, since while looking at the manuals, the screen and menu seems to be the same.

When adding a 'virtual server port', if trying to add both TCP and UDP mapping, since there is no 'Both' or 'TCP+UDP' option in menu, the web interface reports a error back about "this name (port?) already in list" for second one, so I can add only either TCP or UDP to map over same computer, while I need both of them.

By the way.. por P2P use and traffic, does the WL-500g or WL-500g Premium performs better than WL-wl-530g (for hadling tcp/ip, sockets, traffic, mappings), or really there is no difference in real and daily use?

Thanks. Regards.

24-08-2010, 21:59
Hi all.
I have an wl530g v1 with newest soft from asus... ~1.9...

I have an another WiFi router, and want to use this device as an AP , i have tryied all variants, and don't work.
In wireless part i have setuped same settings like in my router: SSID , channel, pass &&& ...
I have tryed to turn off wan port, don't help )

Is it real to do that ? ))
Sorry for my english :)

I hope somebody help me)