Bekijk de volledige versie : SSH from WLAN to PC in LAN

06-04-2005, 14:37
I have the following setup:

WL-500g ist connected to DSL-Modem. Accessing Internet with one PC through WLAN without problems. Second PC is is connected to WL-500G by wire.

I now have the problem, that I can't establish a SSH-connection from WLAN to LAN. I can ping and access the webserver on the wired PC. I can also start a SSH-connection and am prompted for username and password. Unfortunately password is rejected although correct (works locally) Any ideas?

06-04-2005, 17:45

If you use ssh on a linux system, you have to add the username for the system you connect explicit ... use ssh --help then to see.
I have no such problem with putty or other clients ...


06-04-2005, 18:05
The wired PC was woking as a fileserver before and has been connected from the WLAN-PC without problems when using wired LAN. It just does not work with WLAN...

06-04-2005, 20:31
As far as I understand there is no iptables filter between WLAN and LAN.

Check again, maybe your girl installed something like automatic language switcher on PC?