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06-04-2005, 09:41
I'm using a WL-500g and an Asus WL-138G PCI wifi card. The router is wallmounted next to the ADSL modem, some 6 metres away from my computer. Router and computer are in the same room.

The problem I'm having is poor signal strength (low to very low according to windows). Network stumbler shows values with a maximum of 70dBm. Over an 8 hour timeperiod the connection will drop like 7-8 times due to low signal strength.

I have tried the script in this topic:

I have installed the latest ASUS drivers for the WL-138G (as oppose to default windows drivers)

I have tried different channels. Channel 1 through 9 are useless, i can't connect on those. 10 through 13 are oke, though 10 and 11 are used by other accespoints in the neighbourhood. Channel 14 just barely connects (but mostly doesn't).

I have tried fiddling around with the antennas. No matter how I point them, i can't get better results than the above mentioned.

I should mention both accesspoint and computer are close to the floor. If I put them next to each other, the signal is 'very good'.

Basically i have ran out of options. I can't imagine a poor connection is the best you can get if your router and PC are like 5 metres apart.

Does anyone have any tips?

What would be the optimal way to point antennas? Like this (the arror marks the top):

--> -->


<-- -->


^ ^
| |


| ^
v |

Before I forget.. I'm running Olegs latest firmware on the asus.. any tips are welcome.


06-04-2005, 10:23
hade same problem before

then i tried chanel 11 on router and notebook and this fixed my problem

06-04-2005, 10:43
hade same problem before
then i tried chanel 11 on router and notebook and this fixed my problem

As I said, i tried all channels, except for the ones (2) that already have an acces point on it, to no avail. Channel 11 is already taken. However I could try it.

06-04-2005, 11:40
Antenna's should be placed perfectly vertical and should be fastened tightly.

The problem of poor receiption could be caused by DECT telephones, microwave ovens, other accesspoints, obstructions (metallic are the worst of those).

Also you said you've mounted the router close to the floor. As wifi signals are carried within an elipse shaped area towards the receiver, any object placed in this elipse will weaken the signal strength. So the floor in your case can significantly reduce signal strength. The best way to place the antenna would be halfway the wall, like on a bookshelf.

Wave pattern:

^ - - ^
| - - |
| - - |
(Sorry for the lousy sketch...)

You might also want to try a different antenna with more amplification.