Bekijk de volledige versie : Started with Custom 1.1.28. Need some help

04-04-2005, 22:01

I just got my Asus WL-HDD this week. I saw this forum jost before i bought it. And i looked real good.

So I desided first to upgrade tot Asus Then I upgraded to Costom fromJockyW. Using the folling link: http://website.wl500g.info/beta/firmware.php?fid=5. Did the upgrade as described in the readme. Then when i read a article here on the forum I saw that the had an update. Upgraded that trough Asus-web interface (needed hard reset). But now the telnet session are going great.
I just heve some config issue's, which are really more some questions, on how to add FTP en Samba user's because now i cant write data to the WL-HDD.

I tried to change my SMB.conf, and set the part1 to readonly = NO, but it still wont work. Probably because of the samba users.

And i tried to add FTP user by using the commands mentioned for the custom But there is nu busybox.new.

Can some help me with my problems. I have some knowledge of linux. But I'm still studying it. And O... Excuse me for my English, I'm new, and Dutch.

Kind regards Fleppuhstein.