Bekijk de volledige versie : My custom firmware does not work

26-03-2004, 17:17
I am trying to customize some scripts in the filesystem but my new modified firmware always fails.

I tried to modify the following firmware files:

Using two methods:
- Manual. dd if=.... (as described by Oleg)
- auto. RCR's wltools (wlextract, uncram,mktrx)

I've got following errors when mounting cramfs or using uncram tool:
several "cp: cannot create hard link 'build/ramfs/var/state/ppptp' to directory 'build/dev' (filename changes)

After reflashing AP it boot and reboot for ever. I can ping AP 2 o 3 times before it reboots again.

I have also tested doing:
wlextract wl-500g-

I got the same thing.

Bootloader version is: 2.2
Hardware version is: 1.0

did I forgot to do something ? could be my hardware ?

thanks in advance,

26-03-2004, 18:17
Use firmware restoration tool to bring you AP back to live.

As for your problems. Are you use linux? If so, which distro?
Also, how you're copying files from the mounted cramfs? if you use cp, which args you're passing? Also, what
alias cp

26-03-2004, 19:03
I used firmware restoration tool to flash a "good" firmware. Next I tried another "bad" firmware, next restoration again :(

I used:
Fedora Core 1
Copying files from mounted cramfs using "cp -r /mnt/cramfs build" or cp -dpR /mnt/cramfs build"

alias cp='cp -i' (interactive)

26-03-2004, 20:49
Ok, now I see.
Use this instead
tar -C /mnt -cpf - cramfs/ | tar -C /path/to/build -xpf -
Personally, I'm using mc (midnight commander) for performing copy.

26-03-2004, 22:39
thanks, thanks, thanks

It works perfect. Now I'm configuring AP in client mode. One script to config client mode and another one to auto-join a specific SSID if not associated.

10-03-2009, 10:04
I searched this forum and I did not find anywhere RCR's wltools. (on google I did not find these scripts too).
Could someone post them for me?
I should try to modify asus wl500gpv2 firmware I should make simple modifications to work with optware packages on external HDD.