Bekijk de volledige versie : No media connected (geen media gekoppeld)

01-04-2005, 14:17
To all,

After some reading and sniffing forums I got my wireless asus 500g and asus 100g lan card working.

BUT there still is a problem that i just cant figure out... A long time I was fighting for wireless connection and the only messages that i saw was when i use ipconfig:

xxx No media connected. (dutch geen media gekoppeld)

And that was the source of my problem! I just didn't get that wireless network in the air.

I know that No media connected means that you dont have a network connection. So i started looking for the problem in DHCP\DNS and so... That didn't worked. Then my last (simple) option was to uninstall the networkcard and install it again. I did that and it worked right away! So it wasn't a ip problem or so...

Now is my question, what can cause a: no media connected message? And more important is how can i solve that without uninstalling the nic....?