Bekijk de volledige versie : WL500 GX Deluxe not connecting unless......

31-03-2005, 18:37
I remove my antenna.
It is unbelievable.
I just bought an brand new WL500 G DeLuxe but I have the same problem as with my old WL500G.
My laptop and another wireless computer will not connect untill I remove the antenna of the WL500 GX. (So unscrew it)
Who can help me. Do I have to by anothe brand or so.
My old WL500 worked perfect untill about last christmas.
I did not move it, I did not change anything, I did not move anything close to it that can interfere with it.
Who know what setting can be wrong.
Firmware is: for the WL500GX

03-04-2005, 18:38
Is there any other wireless networks within your area? Just wondering if the frequency your acess point is on, is the same as someone elses network. Id try changing the channel it operates on, in case of interference. (I think its set as AUTO by default).