Bekijk de volledige versie : Problems with downloads from web

30-03-2005, 20:39

I'm using OlegsFirmware And my problem is that some downloads from the internet doesn't work.

How can i find out where or what the problem is?

Not working Downloads:
all downloads from suse.com

The Downloads from chupa.nl and other works very fine.

I'm using an German provider called t-online(pppoe).

Can you give me some tips how to analyze the problem??

Than k you Joe

30-03-2005, 20:55
Do you've Kerio, Sygate or Outpost firewall installed on your PC? If so, either disable them or switch to other firewall or use this how-to:

31-03-2005, 08:28

i' tried with 2 Windows-PCs (with an without Firewall) and with Suse Linux. But from my network i can not downloads this things.
ant i tried to download this things from the home of a friend, an the download works.

so i'm sure that it is the wl500g or my internet provider. but i have no possibility to analyze this.