Bekijk de volledige versie : explanation of firmware start-up procces

25-06-2009, 23:46
First off I would like to thank the devs that worked on the oleg-beta firmware, it is evident that a lot of thought and hard work went into this.

Ok in the latest stable oleg firmware, there where startup scripts to configure how the router should act and at what times, i.e. post-boot, post-firewall, pre-shutdown, etc...

I noticed that they are gone in the beta firmware, what file(s) do I need to edit to configure firewall rules, startup daemons, etc... I saw the /linuxrc file, do I need to just add what I what need in there, is there a syntax I need to follow or order I need to put them in so they are executed at the right time?

NM sorry I forgot I had to add those files myself. I did and now every thing seems to work well.

26-06-2009, 06:40
your flashfs has been disabled for stability reasons after firmware upgrade (fw version change).
just enbale it with "flashfs enable && reboot"