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26-03-2005, 19:07
hi.. i would like to know how can i do port forwarding... in the Manual it shows that i have an option in the NAT menu.. but in the web interface, instead of port Forwarding i have Port Trigger.

Can anyone help me out?


26-03-2005, 20:30
look the menu after port trigger. This is called virtual server

26-03-2005, 20:59
but that does the same? i don't think so... i need to forward the traffic from one port to a specific internal IP address...

26-03-2005, 21:37
It does the same. Oddly enough, they call port forwarding "virtual servers" in this router and many other routers' web interfaces, I believe.

So, NAT Setting -> Virtual Server.
Enable Virtual Server: Yes.
Here, you have Local IP, Port Range, Protocol, Protocol No., and Description. With some firmwares, you may also have Local Port.

Set the Local IP to the IP you wish to forward the ports to.
Port Range specifies the range of ports on the outside that will be forwarded to the Local IP.
Local Port, if you have it, specifies the local range of ports for the outside ports to be forwarded to. (e.g., Port Range 20080, Local Port 20081--outside access to 20080 would go to port 20081 on the Local IP).
Protocol No. - Don't use this.
Description - Whatever you want.

Oh yeah: for port ranges, use a colon (20:21) or just use a single port.

26-03-2005, 22:06
thanks for the help.. i've done it now!