Bekijk de volledige versie : I need to set up a bootp server on the wl500g

26-03-2005, 15:59
I guess that is possible to use the wl500g as a bootp server; but I think I need an tftp server for that. Is it part of busybox in any of Oleg's firmwares? Or where can I get it?

I know there was another post asking for info on this, but it had no answers...

26-03-2005, 21:15
My condolences for that thread...

It is my philosophy that it is better to get an unhelpful response than no response at all.

Hopefully you'll figure out how to do that one way or another.

26-03-2005, 21:35

I have already setup the dhcp part, but can't find a tftp server for the asus... and I don't have the tools to compile it myself.

27-03-2005, 18:25
It's very easy to get a compilation machine using (I found it in another thread on chupa) : COLINUX !

This tools is really great - and free ! You can have a full working networked Debian distro running into your MS Windows (?) OS.

Anyway, Have you find a suitable/free/light tftp server ? I can try compile it for you if you want.

28-03-2005, 21:59
The Unslung packages "xinetd" and "atftp" can be used for a bootp server on the wl500g. I do this myself - the wl500g is the recovery tftp server for my two Linksys NSLU2's. I also have microcom on the wl500g to control the serial ports on the NSLU2's, so I can reflash the firmware on the NSLU2's by scp'ing a file up to the wl500g, then sshing into the wl500g, microcom to the NSLU2, reboot the NSLU2 and enter the bootloader, and then tftp the new firmware onto the NSLU2 from the wl500g.

-- Rod