Bekijk de volledige versie : Need help getting/building module

24-06-2009, 03:21
OK, so comcast said if I go over my 250GB/mo limit again ill be suspended for 1yr. No prob I think to my self I just need to tweak iptables on my trusty wl500w and I'm good to go.

Well I got every thing set so I can see how much bandwidth I have used this month, even after a reboot or power failure. I did how ever run into a problem when I tried to make a rule to drop packets after a certain amount of bandwidth has been used.

The rule I need to make depends on the connbytes module, and this module is missing from my firmware (oleg- I set up a optware build environment on my gentoo box, but have not figured out how to rebuild my kernel or any of its modules as of yet and could use some help. If any one could point me to a good step by step guide on how-to rebuild my kernel and or kernel modules it would be most helpful. Thanks

ok I found a how-to that worked at http://code.google.com/p/wl500g/wiki/Welcome?tm=6

I found a few other how-tos but they all used a tool-chain that did not work on my system (gentoo kernel-2.6.28 gcc-4.3.2) any how the above link works well. The firmware it make seems stable.