Bekijk de volledige versie : codepages and fs

24-03-2005, 22:21
hi all,

two questions - and i searched for the answers very well but did not find anthying :-/ (that helped me)

using firmware and having samba enabled works fine for me.
all is well with a 80gig networkdrive attached :-)
BUT - 'german'-filenames look like this:

Wohnzimmert³r K³che Kopie_klein.jpg

so i think the codepage is not set up correctly according to my needs.
so i tried out the setting client code page=850
in smb.conf.
nothing happened.
is there a way to do this and if so please tell me how.

second questions is about the 'best' filesystem for this share.
as if there is data on the hdd which i don't want to delete it should be a windows file system if possible.
now i have the limitation that i can only save files of a maximum 4 gig per file. :confused:
another funny thing is that files stored on the hdd are bigger as they realy are.
for example the files is 30 kb than it takes about 65kb on the hdd.
is this because of the block size or something like that and what to do against that?

any tips there?

thanks in advance (tia)
alex - mod

03-04-2005, 18:33
no ideas? :confused:

14-04-2005, 19:16
The required codepage is missing in the kernel. I've now added most of the European pages: 860, 861, 865, 866, 869, cp1250, cp1251. Hope this enough.

17-04-2005, 07:40
Hello Oleg,

Could you please please also put codepage 950 to the new kernel if it's not trouble you so much.

Thank you very much.


17-04-2005, 08:56
950 was in the kernel from the begining (added by ASUS, so it should work fine with FTP and NFS), the only problem is that Samba should also be aware of this code page. Unfortunatly old Samba has no idea of double byte character sets...