Bekijk de volledige versie : WL-500W

06-06-2009, 17:34
Hi I have WL-500W as Access Point
and me speed is just 2.4MB/s
Can I reach more ?
I already have last OLEG firmware
and here I find out I change Channel: to 8
Bandwidth: is 20MHz but still 2.5MB/s
pls help

07-06-2009, 17:38
wich part do you mean?
wireless, usb disc speed, etc.

13-06-2009, 18:59
is I something transfer on local I have just 2.4MB/s
Me distance before WL-500W is 1 meter

16-06-2009, 20:16
What sort of wlan card do you have?

30-06-2009, 22:52
Atheros AR5006EG Wireless Network Adapter

30-06-2009, 23:21
Ok, it should be working faster...

I guess it's the easiest to play around a bit with these settings:
Wireless - interface: bandwith
Wireless - advanced: Regulatory Mode, Enable AfterBurner, Enable Frame Bursting

also when transferring a file keep an eye on the process list with the command "top" via putty. if you see a process called something with "irq". If it has a high processor useage, you might have enabled jumbo frames on your wlan card, sometimes the wl500w doesn't handle these very well.

01-07-2009, 16:03
here is 3 prt screen od me settings pls what is wrong :)

07-07-2009, 00:27
as I told you, play around with the settings a bit.
I don't have any experience with your wlan card, so I don't know.

just try the other regulatory modes out and see if that's a difference.
Also switch on to 40mhz bandwidth to test if that's an improvement.

maybe also a little advice is to keep your router around room temperature. Too high or too low temperatures can slow down wlan traffic