Bekijk de volledige versie : 2 WL-500w routers in bridge + repeater mode?

24-05-2009, 06:13
Hello all,
first off, I would like to say great work, the community seems to be very helpful and inviting so that certainly helps make it easier for n00bs like me to ask some questions.

I have two of these WL-500w Routers, and am unable to get them working together like I would want.

Here's my plan for how i'd like them to work:

WL-500w, aka Router A.
The Internet goes from cable modem --> Vonage --> Router A

Router A then connects wired to Desktop1 and Sprint Airave

Then, through Wireless Bridge + Repeater mode (Hybrid is what asus calls it?) it'll connect to desktop 2, xbox 360, and I would like a wireless network between the two routers for good wireless coverage for the laptops.

Also, if possible, there is an Epson printer i'd like to share via the USB in router #2, if possible.

and after all that, once everything is working, i would like to have the whole network secured, WPA2 if I can..

So my 1st question is if Oleg's firmware can help me accomplish this (specifically more on the bridge/repeater/hybrid modes)

Also, any tips for a noob to flashing firmware? I have the default asus running on both and cant get them to work with each other in "hybrid" mode, and I am following the asus directions exactly as they say.

Thanks in advance! :)

24-05-2009, 10:47
My goal is to build a wireless bridge (WPA2 encrypted), bridging a complete vlan trunk with draft-N speeds. I currently have this setup with two foneras running openwrt, but the throughput is only about 1,3MByte/sec.
I will be able to do some tests with two WL-500Ws of a friend, hopefully in a fews days.
Normally I would install openwrt, but openwrt currently does not seem to support any draft-N mode, while Olegs firmware should be capable of it.

If the stock firmware does not work correctly, Olegs firmware offers a lot of possibilities to fine tune you setup (custom scripts, ...).

I will report the results here, when I'm done.