Bekijk de volledige versie : Connecting WL500g to wireless ADSL router?

21-03-2005, 09:32
Hi all. I've been trying to set up something that I thought should work, but I haven't succeeded. There's an Alcatel ST570 wireless ADSL router in the basement. Works fine, but the printer is on the second floor, so I bought a WL500g to use it as a print server and to increase range (higher is better, right?). I don't want to run a cable between the Alcatel and the WL500g, I want it to use wireless. I thought I would be able to tell the WL500g to connect to the Alcatel and then connect my laptop to the WL500g. No dice. I've tried everything, WDS, hybrid, you name it. I've duplicated the exact same settings (SSID, WEP keys), but it just doesn't work.

Is this setup possible at all, and if it is, how?? Any help would be appreciated!


28-03-2005, 15:36
Ahm, is the question too stupid, or is it too hard? ;)

28-03-2005, 22:00
I don't know if that is your case or if you are misconfiguring something, but it is an unfortunate real fact that equipments from different manufacturers sometimes don't talk to each other in WDS mode...

28-03-2005, 22:03
... and of course you have set both to the same channel and informed each one of the other's MAC address, I suppose.