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18-03-2005, 23:25
Here is speed numbers which I got with:

wired desktop PC with Intel Ethernet card
wireless/wired notebook with WL-100g
router/access point WL-500g

I simply copied big file (about 700 megabytes) in various directions, transfer speed measured with Far (File and Archive manager).

From wired notebook through router to wired desktop - between 4 700 and 6 400 kilobytes per second (it varies a lot).
From wireless notebook through router to wired desktop - between 2 000 and 2 200 kilobytes per second.
From one HDD partition to another inside desktop - about 15 000 kylobytes per second, wired, of course ;) .

Theoretical maximum

for 100 Mb wires - 12,5 megabytes per second
for 54 Mb wireless - 6,75 megabytes per second

I think above numbers is not the case to be sad about poor performance :). In worst case it took me only five minute to get file copied.

31-03-2005, 16:05
wow cool. just the kind of tests i been looking for.

I have the max speed when copiing from a wireless notebook via router to a wired computer max 12.5 Mbit/sec
I have the notebook standing right next to the router, so the distance is not a problem. Also I checked with netstumbler, there is no noise on the channel I use (i get constant signal-to noise ratio -25dbm)

So why cant I reach the maximum of 54Mbit/sec, or at least half of it? :(