Bekijk de volledige versie : JVM possible on WL500g?

17-03-2005, 20:13
Am I likely to be able to get a Java Virtual Machine running on a WL500g (or gx) under either the Asus or Oleg's Linux?
Has anyone done this?
I've searched the posts & can't find much along these lines.

Preferably a recent J2SE type.
Is this likely to be a really major undertaking?
I don't want to have to use a huge disk to get some major distribution running.

I haven't bought one yet, I'm just waiting to see how the WL500g v WL500gx thing works out.
I would need that little bus header to add a little hardware, and then it would make a really neat
programmable controller, all ready boxed & everything.


17-03-2005, 20:32
Maybe this is interesting: SableVM, open source JVM for Linux, see www.sablevm.org. Some people tried to compile it for openwrt. A testversion is available here: http://nthill.free.fr/openwrt/tests/sablevm/. With the new software you should be able to use these packages on the Asus, see an earlier post. Good luck!