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16-03-2005, 21:43
Hi all,

I have a wireless home network based on a Linksys WRT54G v1.0 running HyperWRT 2.1b1 (Based on stock 3.03.6 firmware, WDS capable).
The router is connected to a Motorola cable modem.
Three clients are connecting wireless to the router for network and internet (2 notebooks and one PC).

I now have a printer and external HDD connected to one of the clients (PC in the attic). This client needs to be on to have network access to the printer and HDD.
My family is complaining that they need to go up two stairs, switch on the PC, go back downstairs and up again to get their print outs or have access to their mp3 collection.

I want to move both printer and HDD to a central point in the house.

Can I get myself a WL-500G Deluxe in order to serve as accesspoint for both printer and external HDD? What would be pro's and con's?

This option is would be much cheaper than getting a wireless printer and a wireless kit for the external HDD.

Thanks, Siem

Mark Laser
17-03-2005, 03:07
I can't answer about pros and cons - but that is exactly what I have done. It works like a charm. The hard drive access is a little slower than on one of the pc's, but it works well for me.


17-03-2005, 20:27
Hi Mark,

Thanks for our reply. Did you leave your old router in place, because that is what I'm planning?

My new router would be in a different part of the house, away (10m) from the WRT54G. I have no room to replace the existing router and place a printer and HDD alongside. So I need to bridge from the old to the new one.

What about the network speed when the Asus is in bridge (or client) mode?

Found the thread where you reported that it works. No need to answer.

Greetz, Siem

03-04-2005, 20:20
Got my new WL-500g Deluxe yesterday and set it up today.
Everything worked within half an hour, including printer (Canon i455x) and USB HDD (Maxtor 160 GB in Icy Box enclosure).

Great stuff, that Asus and ofcours the info in this forum, which helped a lot.

I still have a question.
How to acces the second partition on the external drive from within Windows XP?

And a few minutes later I answered my own question, by finding the part1 directory between my 300 other directories.

Keep amazing myself :rolleyes:

04-04-2005, 17:03
which leaves me a technical question..

is the wl500G deluxe usb 2.0? as far as I did understand the standard wl500G is usb 1.1.
I tried to find it on internet but could not really find any tech. details about this.
and so yes.. does this mean that atached harddisk en webcam could work faster?

Mark Laser
04-04-2005, 19:59
Certainly when I attach my hub which can detect the difference between full and high it claims that the 500gd is high meaning usb 2.0. I have not yet checked any speeds though since til yesterday, I had my 1.1 printer hooked up which I believe would slow down the hard drive access.

04-04-2005, 20:28
According to some websites this is the description of the WL-500g deluxe version:

The WL-500g Deluxe provides up to 125Mbps* data rate and all WLAN Router functions, including DHCP server, IP sharing, Firewall, VPN pass through, etc. To ensure WLAN security, it also provides strong WPA and a unique WLAN firewall, to protect the data on your WLAN. This smart and revolutionary solution also incorporates convenient plug-and-share functions through two USB 2.0 interfaces. It also provides powerful WDS function, easily letting users to setup a WLAN environment in home, SOHO and office.

Or go to this ASUS page and see for yourself: WL-500g Deluxe (http://www.asus.com/prog/spec.asp?m=WL-%20500g%20Deluxe&langs=01)

Regards, Siem