Bekijk de volledige versie : Server with webalbum possible?

15-03-2005, 10:16

I've bought a few weeks ago a wl-hdd for the following purpose:

1. To enable my girlfriend to publish pictures on the web. Pictures stored on the wl-hdd and links to these pictures in internet forum. Like webdisk.planet.nl\vand4485

2. Record from network securitycam (D-link DCS-3220) to this wl-hdd without pc. So I don't have to let a pc run all day, very expensive.

I've tried all kind of things, but nothing seems to work. I've bought the media server, but can't get it to work. Not sure even if that is a solution.

Doe anybody have an advice on how to make this work?
I have a IP address wich doesn't change and an ADSL connection.
My router is a DI-624 from D-link, wireless, connected with 2 laptops wireless, 2 desktops also wireless, a Dreambox wired and an extra router from Belkin set up as an AP (Wired to Di-624)to extend the range in house.

Any other thoughts about fun things to do with this setup? Camera and pictures need to be accessed from the internet, other things are nice to have. If anyone can help with creating this, I'd appreciate.

15-03-2005, 10:26
To make a long story short (search this forum for each point):
- Configure a second webserver + php4 to work on the wl-hdd on port 8080.
- Forward port 80 on the d-link to port 8080 on the wl-hdd.
- Create a website with links to the picture on the wl-hdd.

The address would be http://[username].planet.nl